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The first universal data ecosystem
DACONOMY enables every company, organization and individual to offer, buy and exchange any type of data, get insights and create additional revenues.
Can you sell your own Data?

Can you sell your own Data?

A higher level of ‘nothing wasted.’

How much is your data worth, and why haven’t you got paid?

How much is your data worth, and why haven’t you got paid?

Where’s my money?

The data industry's biggest issues

  • No easy to use open exchange / trading infrastructure
  • Inability to establish trust between parties
  • Inability to control data usage and ownership
  • Inability to evaluate, categorize and package data sets
  • Lack of easy to use multi-sided marketplace

Backed by
a reliable partner

DACOMONY is operating in partnership with the Schober Information Group. The Schober Group brings both the expertise and the experience to make DACONOMY a successful and strong ecosystem. Through Schober, DACONOMY has access to more than 60 million data records from the very first day of the ecosystem going live.

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A market with huge potential

The data industry is a >165 billion USD industry and expected to grow each year by a two-digit percentage. However, this revenue reflects 10% of all generated data only, as 90% of data are not being used at all. Most businesses and consumers do not meet the fixed requirements of the traditional marketplaces and struggle to monetize their data assets. Market participants also lack control over their datasets once shared with a marketplace provider and miss an opportunity to anonymize data to protect privacy and comply with regulations.

The DACONOMY Refinery

Data Utilization Made Easy

DACONOMY is building the future of data monetization: our ecosystem will solve all obstacles of the current data industry and our marketplace enables every user (B & C) to monetize any kind of data. Our Blockchain-based structure adds the missing layer of trust between market participants and secures every transaction. We use AI-driven engines to curate, analyze and structure data, make it available on the marketplace while leaving the data itself with the seller, add a reasonable pricing algorithm and make data trading as user-friendly as possible. Buyers will find all the needed data on one marketplace, in packages tailored to their specific usecase. Monetizing and utilizing data has never been easier!

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Token Donut Chart

Our token is what the ecosystem runs on

The DACONOMY Token (symbol: DMY) will be generated in accordance with the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Token SymbolDMY
Token TypeERC20 Ethereum
Soft CapUSD 17m
Hard CapUSD 36m
Total DMY Token supply500,000,000
DMY Token sold300,000,000
BonusUp to 40%
Accepted CurrenciesBTC, ETH, USD, EUR
Exchange ListingsYes, see Roadmap for timeline
Unsold TokensWill be burned

All funds generated through our ICO will go into the development and operation of DACONOMY. Please see pie chart for a detailed overview on funds allocation.

Q4 2017

Schober releases DACONOMY initiative

The owner of the Schober Information group starts DACONOMY project to solve the biggest challenges and issues with Data Management and Monetization in the Data Economy.

Q1 2018

Technical architecture and protocol initiation

The technical team started developing the DACONOMY marketplace architecture and blockchain-based structure to solve issues related to data anonymity and transparency and building an universal, trusted environment for data brokerage.

Q1 2018

Inhouse team setup

An inhouse DACONOMY team is set up, including positions for data analytics, blockchain expertise, IT, business development, project management and marketing.

Q1 2018

Advisory Board

Also in Q1, DACONOMY completes putting in place a strong management and advisory team, bringing together a balanced mix of Entrepreneurial, Financial, Technical, Marketing, Data and Blockchain expertise. The consolidated experience in the Data industry within the team is more than 70 years and all of the hand-picked members are experts in their respective fields.

Q2 2018

DACONOMY registered in Malta

DACONOMY decides on running a fully regulated ICO in Malta. Malta is the first country in the world to have the whole blockchain industry regulated by law, ensuring a safe environment for participants in a fully regulated market.

Q2 2018

Intelliblock Blockchain Partnership

DACONOMY and Intelliblock Ltd. signed a partnership agreement to run the ICO in a smart contract-managed environment, which is fully regulated according to Maltese virtual finance law. In addition to that, Intelliblock act as the main blockchain advisor for DACONOMY with their history of several successful ICOs.

Q3 2018


DACONOMY will be going on a roadshow visiting over 10 countries. The roadshow will lead us to: Canada, China, USA, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Japan, England, Hongkong, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai, Malta and other countries.

Q3 2018

Private Sale

Private sales will open from August 15th, 2018. DACONOMY is offering a one time chance to participate in the DACONOMY data revolution.

Q4 2018

ICO Pre- and Public Sale

On the 5th of November, the DACONOMY pre-sale will start in different phases. The public sale is starting on the first week of December.

Q1 2019

DMY Token Exchanges Listing

DACONOMY will be submitting the application for the DMY token on different exchanges. Exact exchanges we will apply at will be announced on our website beginning of 2019.

Q1 2019

Team Expansion

Expand the existing technology team and start building the core engines of the daconomy marketplace. Set up marketing, partner and sales units in the defined target regions Asia, Europe and USA to extend the existing branches in Germany, Singapore and Switzerland and to win more data and technology providers. Launch of marketing and partner acquisition campaigns.

Q2 2019

Business Definition and Development

Refine the DACONOMY product definitions and test them with partners and early adopters. Develop the technological platform for data-stream handling, analytics and administrational functions.

Q3 2019

AI Learning Phase

Further develop and refine the platform and its functionalities and start training AI-based engines in order to test an MVP with partners.

Q4 2019

Release DACONOMY Marketplace Beta

At the end of Q4 2019 DACONOMY will release the Beta version of the Marketplace. The Beta version will have limited functionality, but enables users to have access to the full user experience. We intend to include other stakeholders on special invite (data providers, developers, service providers).

Q1 2020

API available

In Q1 2020, DACONOMY will release the 3rd party API allowing external service providers to access data in an automated manner and provide additional services based on the DACONOMY marketplace.

Q2 2020

Release DACONOMY Marketplace 1.0

In Q2 2020, the first fully functional release of the DACONOMY core platform (i.e. without App-Store) will be released. The platform will be open to the entire community and provide all revenue-generation methods.

Q3 2020

AI Component Layer for Curation, pricing and analysis

The DACONOMY Labs will release the full set of AI modules and engines in order to enhance the functionality provided in release 1.0. The DACONOMY R&D Labs in place around the world and controlled from Malta will release the AI modules for the component layer for data curation, automated data pricing and Analysis.

Q4 2020

App-Store Integration

DACONOMY will issue the 3rd party API plugins “Marketplace” and “Store Directory” for developers to connect with the DACONOMY blockchain transaction layer. This will also include the full API release for the DACONOMY marketplace for Machine to Machine data trading and usage.

Q1 2021

Release DACONOMY Marketplace 2.0

In the beginning of 2021, the DACONOMY marketplace will be in full-effect with all the features listed in the technical white paper to store, share, analyse and monetize data.

Q4 2021

Deployment of custom IoT devices across the globe for data acquisition.

In line with our growth and scaling strategy, DACONOMY will be deploying IoT devices across the globe to get raw data streams from around the world.

Q4 2021

Release DACONOMY Marketplace 3.0

By Q4 2021 we will have completed internationalization and setup in all defined target markets.

The Team

We believe that a project stands and falls with the people involved in bringing it to life. As a company, we value a positively challenging working environment where every team member strives to be best in his respective field. As a First mover, we have and will put great efforts into finding not only the most skilled team members, but also to create highly efficient teams in the countries we operate.


Our management team consists of highly skilled, enthusiastic and collaboratively working top managers with entrepreneurial track record and more than 70 years of data business experience, during which they served more than 30,000 served customers and handled an annual amount of data sets exceeding the number of 30,000,000,000 (billion).

Ulrich Schober


Dr. Eckhard Geulen


Andreas Kindt


Mark Beyer


Robert Meusel


Peter Ambrus



For our advisory board, we have put together a network of data, blockchain, marketing, privacy, ICO and IT specialists who are closely working with us on all aspects of not only a successful ICO, but a successful data business.

James Catania

ICO Lead Advisor

Jared Polites

ICO Marketing & PR Advisor

Dr. Andreas Szinovatz

Ecosystem & Platform Development Advisor

Dr. Martin Berger

Blockchain Architecture Advisor

Juris Vetra

Data Protection & Privacy Advisor

Dr. Dorian Selz

Big Data, Analytics & AI Advisor

Baron Chang

Advisor Korea

Stefan Rödig

Product Development Advisor

Fabian Foelsch

Branding & Social Media Advisor

Rafael Tripero

Partnerships Advisor

Joseph F. Borg

Legal Advisor

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